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    Welcome to Laughin' Club Penguin! The key to this blog is randomness and laughter! We will blog about CP too so scroll trough the posts to find interesting facts! The owner of the blog is me, Mini Pengy18. Have an Ice Day!
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    I know I've recently making some posts and deleting them after a while. Sorry but I decided I wont post before I make some pages. Thanks for understanding!
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CP Cheats 4U!

Guys we have moved once again ūüėĬ†To a CPCheats4u! Heres link



The Mystery Of The Hidden Room [Part 1]

After a never-ending party¬†experience at the Music Jam, I¬†decided¬†to visit some penguin’s igloo! It was great… ūüôā

I spent about 10 minutes at an igloo! Strangely…no-body was home. I was tired to investigate what was going on so I sat down.

I rested for a few minutes when I saw a¬†mysterious door. Since it wasn’t my igloo I thought it would be best to not open it.

I stared at it like it was my desert pie! I wondered what could be inside… I moved a little bit closer to have a better look and open it a little bit.

There was stairs! Hmm… That was weird. Maybe it was an¬†entrance¬†to another room? ¬†I knew something for sure, I wasn’t gonna stand their and do nothing! I yelled and checked if someone was inside.

I heard some creepy noises and I had a feeling I needed to go inside! After some seconds of hesitation I started to go down the stairs…

The more down I went, the more afraid I become. I was terrifed but at least I felt safe since no-body was at home. But thats because I didn’t know I was being watched.

Part 2 Coming Soon…

Field-ops Are Back!

Gary The Gadget Guy Sent Us an Elite Penguin Force message! He sent us that Field-ops are back after the long break!

Field-ops will be returning soon. Since Herbert is hiding, we’ll assign weekly training-ops instead, so agents can¬†continue¬†earning medals!

-Mini Pengy18

I’m Back!

Hello Penguins, Its Mini Pengy18! Do you remember me?¬† If no, let me tell you some things about me and my penguin! ūüôā

In 2010 I made a blog called “The Ninja Gang” It was my first¬†official Club Penguin blog. At that time, the Music Jam was on. A few months later I started another blog called “MpClubPenguin” It was a success and was epic! ūüôā

In November 2010, I decided to create a domain, CPCheats4U. This blog still exists and you can ask for link in the Contact Me Page! Then, I quited CP for a long time.

Finally, I returned to “MpClubPenguin” (now its Laughin’ Club Penguin) which will be my permanent blog forever (until I quit once again) Hehe!

Keep On Searching For Posts –Mini Pengy18¬†